IT Services For Financial Planners

How Technology Helps Ontario Financial Planners.

Technology helps financial planners across Ontario connect with their clients more easily and share timely information about the status of their accounts and other important information.

CAT-TEC understands the important role that computers, email, web services and access to information play with the best financial planners.  Even more important, CAT-TEC understands your unique compliance and regulatory challenges and how you must be compliant as an Ontario financial planner.  Mutual Fund Agents, Wealth Management Firms and independent financial organizations require IT support from a partner who understands your unique challenges.

Maybe you have a single financial planner business or run an office full of the best financial analysts and planners.  No matter how big or small your company is, having the right computer and IT support is essential to your overall success.

Imagine a client comes to visit for a quarterly review or annual planning, and you can’t access the company’s information. Does this affect your client’s opinion of you?

How about a security breach that exposes confidential investment information about your clients?  What would that do to your financial planning business.

CAT-TEC specializes in helping financial planners across the province of Ontario with the best possible IT and computer support tailored to meet their specific requirements.  Through our sentinel managed services program, we help you take technology off your daily worry list and focus on serving the needs of your clients.

Contact CAT-TEC today to book a no-obligation meeting about how you can use CAT-TEC’s sentinel managed services to your advantage.  Call CAT-TEC at (416) 840-6560.

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