Quality IT solutions for Ontario Non-Profit Organizations

If there is one thing CAT-TEC has learned from working with a number of leading Ontario-based non-profit organizations over the years it is that nobody likes getting surprise bills for IT support.

Successful non-profit organizations see technology as an enabler to support their causes.  Whether it is finding a cure for cancer, stopping Canadians from smoking or bringing entrepreneurs together in a national organization, non-profits require technology solutions that work.

CAT-TEC supports non-profits across the province of Ontario through the Sentinel Managed Services program, offering a single-fixed cost for all IT support.  When you sign up with us, your non-profit organization can say good-bye to surprise IT bills. Yet you will enjoy knowing that an organization that is committed to ensuring that your computers and networks are running as efficiently as your non-profit does is handling your IT needs.

In addition to day-to-day computer support, CAT-TEC also understands how important it is to safeguard donor and contributor information and ensure that the organization is protected from any breach that may put this information at risk of falling into the wrong hands.  Sentinel Managed Services protects your business with best-in-class computer security solutions and keeps viruses and other malware off your network.

Keep all your information safe and secure and properly backed up with CAT-TEC’s FORTRESS backup and recovery service, which ensures that all your information is backed up and fully recoverable in the event of a serious data loss or even the slightest accidental deletion of a document or file.

CAT-TEC is the best choice for your Ontario non-profit.  Call us today to learn more about our fixed-cost Sentinel Managed Services program and FORTRESS can keep your network and systems running smoothly and keep all your information properly backed up.

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