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Newmarket has been called one of the best places in Canada to live, and why? The people.

From the individuals that live here to all the businesses that make up our growing economy, the people of Newmarket are what make us thrive.

How does your business connect with the people around it?

The only way for a business to succeed and thrive in Newmarket is to stay connected, and that’s where your IT comes in. At its heart, IT is all about people, and good IT makes dealing with people easier than you’d ever imagine:

  • Mobile technology to let employees work from home and business owners connect directly with clients on the go
  • Security services to protect confidential data and assure your clients that you are safeguarding their interests
  • Reliable communications like cloud-hosted email and telephones, ensuring your clients can always contact you when they need to.
  • And more

Keep your business connected to the world and show Newmarket that you’re a competitive force to be reckoned with – Leverage innovative and cost-effective Newmarket IT services designed just for you by Cat-Tec.

  • Guidance on IT budgeting and financing to help you invest in high-quality and reliable IT without breaking the bank.
  • All-you-can-eat IT service and support plans, customized for your business and offered at flat-rate monthly fees.
  • 24/7 Help Desk support for you and your staff, covering any IT issues you might face.
  • Vendor connections to help you get the best products and services in your area, maximizing your Internet connection and minimizing your IT overhead.

Show off the power of your business to the world – leverage Newmarket IT services from Cat-Tec that keep you connected to the people that matter.

Cat-Tec has been providing superior IT support to the Canadian Chamber of Commerce for over 15 years. Our network up-time for the past five years has been 99.97%! Cat-Tec has ensured that we have the optimum equipment and tools that fit within a tight budget. Cat-Tec takes the time to explain how they resolved an issue so we understand the process and, in some cases, can take care of the problem the next time the issue arises.

Tammy Harrington, Manager The Canadian Chamber of Commerce

IT Services by Canadians, for Canadians – Cat-Tec is your complete outsourced IT Department, providing technology solutions for real-world business issues.

Contact us at (416) 840-6560 or to learn about a customized IT strategy for your business.


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