IT Support for Non-Profit Organizations

Maximize your IT budget with smart investments focused on improving efficiency and productivity.

Your non-profit has a big job on its hands – not only do you have to do all the same kind of work as any other business (administration, HR, accounting, etc.), but you have to do it on a tighter budget, under more oversight, and with a group of volunteers that may not all be able to come into your office every day. How do you stay on top of it all and keep operations running smoothly?

All you need is the right information technology and the know-how to use it.

Trust in Cat-Tec to provide the Ontario IT Support your Non-Profit needs to make the most of budget dollars, access and share information on the go, and focus on your mission:

  • Keep your IT budget predictable and cost-effective while ensuring total IT support coverage every month.
  • Plan for aligning technology investments with overall business goals, budget for improvements and additional IT to streamline daily processes, and maximize your IT budget.
  • Leverage our vendor connections to get the best pricing for the right IT for your needs.
  • Access files and applications on the go via our secure, Canadian-based cloud data centre, and easily share data with employees, volunteers, and sister organizations.
  • Protect your valuable data from harm with security from cybercrime like hacking and malware, and automated backups in case of unexpected disaster.

Cat-Tec has been providing superior IT support to the Canadian Chamber of Commerce for over 15 years. Our network up-time for the past five years has been 99.97%! Cat-Tec has ensured that we have the optimum equipment and tools that fit within a tight budget. Cat-Tec takes the time to explain how they resolved an issue so we understand the process and, in some cases, can take care of the problem the next time the issue arises.

Tammy Harrington, Manager The Canadian Chamber of Commerce

IT Services by Canadians, for Canadians – Cat-Tec is your complete outsourced IT Department, providing technology solutions for real-world issues for Ontario non-profits.

Contact us at (416) 840-6560 or to learn about a customized IT strategy for your non-profit organization.


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